UniStart Crawley 2018

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Further information

Important dates

Semester One, 2018

  • Stage 1: Respond
    Refer to your offer notice (email) for the deadline
  • Stage 2: Prepare
    Any time online, or on-campus (date to be confirmed)
  • Stage 3: Enrolment
    Any time online - according to your offer notice
  • Stage 4: Orientation
    Monday 19 to Friday 23 February 2018

Congratulations on being offered a place at UWA! 

There are four stages you'll complete on the road to becoming a fully-fledged undergraduate student. This UniStart website will guide you through them. You don't have to read it all at once – it's in four stages so you can go through it at the pace that suits you. Come back to the site as often as you want.

Remember, there's always plenty of help available if you need it.

The stages are:

Respond to your offer

Let us know how you wish to respond to the offer you've been made.

Prepare for enrolment

Think about your course and what units you are going to study.


Complete the formal administrative requirements for your enrolment.


Attend your Orientation to ensure you are prepared for your UWA studies.

At the end of the enrolment and orientation process, we hope you'll feel ready to get started at UWA.

Once again, congratulations on your offer. Now, let's get started ...

Go to stage one: Respond to your offer