UniStart International: Perth 2018

Stage three: Enrolment


Campus card

Important dates

Semester One, 2018

  • Stage 1: Respond
    Please accept your offer as soon as possible.
  • Stage 2: Prepare
    Any time online
  • Stage 3: Enrolment
    Any time online from Monday, 13 Nov 2017
  • Stage 4: Orientation
    Monday 19 to Friday 23 Feb 2018

After all the preparation you’ve done in stage two, completing your enrolment should be straightforward.

UWA enrolment is fully online, it's quick and easy so you'll be done in no time!

Whether you're enrolling in person or online, you'll complete similar steps, just in a slightly different order. Remember, you will need to collect some information and documents in order to complete your enrolment.


Enrolling Online

If you've decided which units you'd like to take in 2018, enrol online now!

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