UniStart Student Exchange and Study Abroad 2017

Stage three: Enrolment



Important dates

Semester Two, 2017

  • Stage 1: Respond
    If you have not received your Offer, please email the Global Learning Office
  • Stage 2: Prepare
    Anytime from 13 June onwards, or on campus Monday 24 July 2017
  • Stage 3: Enrolment
    Will commence from 20 June 2017. Please wait until you have been contacted by the Global Learning Office who will inform you when you can begin your enrolment.
  • Stage 4: Orientation
    Monday 24 July to Friday 28 July 2017

Once you have completed the preparation tasks, you will be sent a personal email when online enrolment is available for you, from the 13th June onwards.

If you have completed the preparation tasks but are not eligible for online enrolment, you will be notified by email with further instructions. Complete your enrolment by (date to be confirmed). Please note that once you have enrolled, you will not be able to make changes to your enrolment until Orientation Week.

The UWA online enrolment process is explained in the videos below, depending on whether you will undertake undergraduate or postgraduate units at UWA. These videos are focussed on students studying in a full degree course, but you will find them valuable for learning about studentConnect and using the UWA Handbook. Please note:

  • As a study abroad/exchange student you can proceed through steps 4, 5 and 6 without making any changes.
  • For study abroad and exchange students, the online units known as AACE, CARS and INDG are optional and not-for-credit. They will not appear on your transcript, but it’s highly recommended that you consider enrolling in them.
  • As a study abroad/exchange student, instead of a ‘study plan’ you must have an Approved Study List. At step 10, please ensure you only enrol into units from your Approved Study List. Please note, you can only enrol in 4 units (24 points) per semester. If you have been given approval for more than 4 units on your study list, you can only select four units per semester that you would like to take. If you would like to make any changes to your enrolment you can do this once you have arrived in person at UWA.
  • Please make sure you’ve completed Stage 2 before you enrol into your units, to make sure that your class times won’t clash. Once you have completed the online enrolment you cannot make any changes to this until you arrive at UWA in person.
  • Please contact the Global Learning Office if you have any questions about the video or enrolment.
  • You will receive an email from the Global Learning Office when online enrolment becomes available for you in June 2017. For help during the online enrolment process, submit your query through askUWA by choosing Enrolment.

Undergraduate students

You can use this video to find out about the online undergraduate enrolment process step-by-step:

Postgraduate students

Use this video to find out about the online postgraduate coursework enrolment process step-by-step:


UniStart Student Exchange and Study Abroad 2017

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